Our Award Winning Team in Kearneysville


To serve God through unparalleled effort and support in the local community. To empower and provide trustworthy and clear guidance to active adults.

Core Values

  • Lead from the Front
  • Trust the Process
  • Give Back When You Can
  • Earn it Every Day
  • Be Proud of Your Grit
  • Ask, “Why Not Us?”

How It Works

Schedule a discovery visit or call to ensure that we are a good fit for each other and that physical therapy is the right option for you! Then we follow a simple three step process:


  • Get out of pain
  • Address the source of pain
  • Make habits to keep it that way

The Limitless Commitment

On time… Always. We respect your time as much as you respect ours.

Individualized care. You will never have to split a treatment time with someone else or an exact treatment regimen.

Full, one hour sessions with a doctor every visit.

Transparency in your bill. You will never get a bill from us 2 months after your visits.

Availability to discuss with your doctor at any time if you have questions.

Our Story

Hey! Thanks for checking out our page. My name is Doc Christa D’Egidio. I am the founder of Limitless Physical Therapy. I now operate and treat with my best friend, husband, and our lead physical therapist, Doc Al.

I believe in the potential of the human body to repair, create, and maintain “better.” I believe that an active lifestyle is the best lifestyle. I believe that no matter how active you are, if the attention to your diet is not lacking, your performance will also do the same. I believe that any exercise is good exercise, but being outside, on the water or in the mountains is the best kind of exercise. I believe in the value of living by example to show our children how they should prioritize their bodies. I believe in speaking and thinking positively to create the best outcome. I believe that performance and wellness is achievable for everyone who chooses to work for it.

Standing on and living through concrete beliefs has allowed me to be firm and steadfast with Limitless Physical Therapy. The clients I see and the changes they make ultimately embody the vision for wellness revolution. Fitness doesn’t begin in a gym, and it doesn’t end there either. It’s just where we can have some fun with it while we begin, construct, and maximize.

We can’t wait to meet you.

-Doc Christa


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