Limitless Physical Therapy Testimonials

Doc Al was awesome. I came in with pain in multiple places and he was able to help. Most of my pain was gone after the session and the rest was gone after 1-2 weeks of using the exercises he recommended. Even more exciting for me was that Al seemed to care about me preventing injury in the future. We spent 3 more sessions on injury prevention and I now have hope about my longtime fitness goals- something I haven’t had since having kids. 

David Marks

Christa is absolutely amazing and I cannot thank her enough for all the help she has given me. I am a weightlifter and I came to get in October complaining of hip pain. She worked hard to find the root cause of that problem and we worked together to fix it! While working together to fix the hip issue, we found other mobility issues that we have been addressing along the way. Since working through all this with her, my lifts have never been better as my body is finally working without pain. I cannot thank her enough for helping me achieve my goals all while being pain free! 

Kerryn Havermale

I highly recommend Christa. I’ve never been to a physical therapist, so I was a little intimidated about going. She made me feel comfortable from the moment I arrived, she listened to me so that I felt heard and understood. She took the time to explain to me what was going on in my body to create so much pain. There is So much value in knowing what’s going on and that the pain can be relieved. She’s Very professional in her approach and very knowledgeable. I can’t express enough how much she’s helped me already. 

Sherry Speelman

I’ve had physical therapy before but none of the therapists I’ve seen previously had taken the care, time, and attention that Christa did to address my specific needs. Christa diagnosed my problem, led me through the necessary steps for rehabilitative care at each visit, and provided me with the knowledge and skills for preventive care. Being an athlete herself, Christa understands the mentality athletes have to “push through” the pain and was able to provide modifications to exercises that enabled me to keep moving when I needed to. She’s the only physical therapist I’ll see going forward. 

Jay Subetto

I consider myself a working active father looking for relief in my lower back. I went to Christa for discomfort in my lower back resulting from an injury from two years ago. Over a two month period of five sessions Christa was able to improve my range of motion and relieve my discomfort. During our sessions Christa used stretching and weights as well as exercises/homework to do in between sessions, I highly recommend Limitless Physical Therapy. Limitless Physical Therapy is not just for athletes and major injury rehab they can help the Working Active Adult with pain or discomfort. 

John LeRose

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Chad Mullens

I would absolutely recommend Limitless Physical Therapy and Christa.  Not only did she have a great knowledge of the issue I was having, but she did an outstanding job explaining the therapy to me and the reasoning behind it. 

Austin Thomas

Al was excellent at listening to my injuries and alignments. The dry needling helped my knees recover quicker. He also provided exercises and stretches to prevent further discomfort. I would recommend visiting Limitless Physical Therapy.


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