Christa D’Egidio

Christa D’Egidio

CEO, Founder, Physical Therapist 

Doc Christa competed as a track and field athlete at West Virginia University and earned her undergraduate degree in Human Nutrition and Foods. She then graduated from their Doctor of Physical Therapy program in 2018.

My core value’s are ambition, respect, overcome

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much your care.”

I am the CEO, Founder, and one of the physical therapists. As a physical therapist, I specialize in helping barbell athletes, golfers, and runners and I especially enjoy treating hip and shoulder pain.

Doc Christa has found no greater joy yet in her life than to utilize her education to help other people achieve outcomes they didn’t even believe were possible. Then she began to wonder, what if they DID believe the outcomes were possible? What would happen if people actually sought out care to improve performance instead of waiting until symptoms progressed to disability? What if people actually believed in the results they would accomplish?

What I love about working here at Limitless Physical Therapy is our team’s camaraderie and unity toward a common mission.

What is Christa Watching, Reading, or Listening to?

  • A Beautiful Mind (Movie)
  • The Huberman Lab (Podcast)
  • Atomic Habits (Book)

In my free time, I enjoy weight lifting, hiking, and cuddling with my dogs

    Patient Testimonials

    Christa is a real professional who doesn’t stop at just giving exercises but works with many modalities to get the job done. Unlike other physical therapy centers that farm you out to a paraprofessional who just monitors a set program, Christa is there changing exercises as progress or problems arise. She works the whole body. Right now needling and exercises are greatly helping a 30 year old injury that I had given up on. I can walk better and longer and feel much less pain sometimes no pain and we aren’t finished yet.

    Love, love, love Christa and Limitless Physical Staff. They helped me soooooo much with my hip pain. I just finished a back to back Duathalon and long run. I felt great afterwards. Hips were great and I felt amazing. I am ready to tackle more and keep moving forwards. I can not thank them enough for all their work to help me improve myself. They are truly amazing in their crafts.

    Outstanding experience! Christa does the extra mile to get down to the root cause of your symptoms and helped me tremendously in such encouraging way, I actually even do the exercises at home. She’s contagiously excited about helping and looks at the entire body, not just the symptoms. She has a great balance in exercises but also working on me to relieve pain and mobility issues with what method works best for me! I love her overall attitude and seriousness about actually helping to solve the problem entirely! Highly recommend her over any PT in the entire area! As an active runner I very much appreciate her work to get me out on the trail and working with me on avoiding future injuries. She doesn’t sideline active people, which is terrific! Also, she lifts… so she knows 😉 hence I even liked her dry needling because it helped right away!


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