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Elevate your athletic potential, crush plateaus, and fuel your victories with the most comprehensive sports performance program in the Eastern Panhandle.

Sports Performance Physical Therapist, Christa, helping with a barbell snatch

Our new monthly membership offers a holistic approach to optimizing your body and mind, combining physical therapy, deep tissue massage, functional nutrition, and weight loss guidance into one powerful, convenient package.

Break Down Barriers, Build Your Best:

    • Expert Physical Therapy: Recover from injuries faster, prevent future setbacks, and optimize movement patterns with personalized physical therapy programs designed by licensed professionals.
    • Deep Tissue Massage Therapy: Melt away muscle tension, improve recovery, and enhance flexibility with therapeutic massages that target the specific needs of athletes.
    • Functional Nutrition Coaching: Discover how to fuel your body for optimal performance and overall health with customized nutrition plans, including macronutrient tracking, meal planning, and supplement guidance.
    • Meal Plans: Whether you are working on consistency or achieving your ideal weight, maintain peak performance with expert guidance on healthy meal prep strategies tailored to YOU.

Membership Benefits

Monthly Sessions

Enjoy flexible scheduling and access to all four program components for 6 months.

    Personalized Plans

    Each member receives individually tailored programs designed to address their specific needs and goals.

      Holistic Approach

      Our integrated program addresses your training, recovery, and nutrition, ensuring each element supports your overall performance.

      Expert Guidance

      Work directly with experienced physical therapists, massage therapists, and educated nutritionists who specialize in athletic performance.

      Convenience and Value

      Save time and money with one convenient monthly payment for all your performance optimization needs.

      For only $400 per month, you get:

      Every Month for 6 Months:

      1 Hour Session with a Doctor of Physical Therapy

      1 Hour of Deep Tissue Massage

      2 Thirty Min Appointments with Your Nutritionist

      Optional Add On: Individualized weekly meal plans! + $250/mo (normally $400/mo)


      2 Hair Mineral Analysis Test + Results

      3 In-Body Scans

      3 Boxes of LMNT

      Unlimited Normatec recovery use

      Custom Limitless apparel

      Over $1000 in savings!

      Unleash Your Inner Champion:

      This membership is ideal for serious athletes and active individuals of all levels, from aspiring youth athletes to competitive veterans. Whether you’re seeking to recover from injury, prevent future issues, optimize performance, or reach your ideal weight, our program provides the foundation for success.

      Ready to dominate your 2024?

      Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about how our all-in-one monthly membership can help you achieve your athletic goals and reach your full potential.

      See What They're Saying

      “Christa is a real professional who doesn’t stop at just giving exercises but works with many modalities to get the job done. Unlike other physical therapy centers that farm you out to a paraprofessional who just monitors a set program, Christa is there changing exercises as progress or problems arise. She works the whole body. Right now needling and exercises are greatly helping a 30 year old injury that I had given up on. I can walk better and longer and feel much less pain sometimes no pain and we aren’t finished yet.”

      – Kathy Berkley

      See What They're Saying

      “Doc Al is awesome! He has helped me lift pain free and offers great advice and exercises to prevent pain from occurring in the future. I have been to many physical therapists over the years with various problems and I was always told the same thing, which was to stop running and stop lifting. So I accepted the fact that I would always be in pain; Doc Al proved me wrong and is the only one who has been able to fix my shoulder pain and help all of my other problems. He supports and encourages my goals while using his expertise to help me achieve them.”

      – Cassie Smink


      See What They're Saying

      “Just had my first massage with Shawn and he did some amazing bodywork. Highly recommend and affordable.”

      – Chris Baker


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